mercoledì 1 febbraio 2012

Anna lives!

Hiya guys/gals!

We're the Dreampainters, a group of Italian indie developers set up by Simone "Karat45" Tagliaferri (design), Davide "3David" Del Sorbo (graphics) and the Dreampainters team (programming).

The "indies4indies” team helped us by taking care of all in-game voice overs.

We're glad to introduce you to Anna, a brand new 3D adventure game based on real footage taken from the D’Ayas Valley, in Valle d’Aosta, an Alpine region in north-western Italy. The plot follows an authentic folklore tale, directly recorded by us first hand from several village elders and historical documents alike.

Anna is a short adventure game set in and around an old sawmill near Champoluc and Periasc, a real-world environment we've faithfully recreated. The game features six, highly detailed locations to explore, in which your alter ego should navigate a wide range of situations, ranging from solving puzzles to facing the eerie presences that haunt the surroundings.

Depending on the mental status of your character (which is determined by your actions), you're tasked with navigating your way through ever-changing places along with their well hidden clues, eventually leading you to one of three possible endings.

At a budget price tag, the game itself has been designed as an interactive three-hour singleplayer horror experience.

The OST was performed by the budding “Chantry” gothic band, now on their 2nd album “Crystal”.

The game is a PC exclusive, featuring state-of-the-art models and shaders that take advantage of the latest technologies available to us through the power of new developments in graphics hardware.

Here are some WIP teasers of the sawmill exterior to wet your appetite.

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(English text courtesy of Paolo Giaiero)

5 commenti:

  1. Mamma mia, appena letta la news su ho subito pensato alla zona nord del comasco.

    QUesti pochi screens mi hanno aperto il cuore, i colori e il feeling son proprio quelli delle montagne alpine italiane, quel fascino rurale che i nostri pittori come Segantini hanno magnificamente ritratto nei loro dipinti.

    Super Hype!

  2. Che-grafica-spettacolare! Non vedo l'ora di provarlo! Che bello!!
    Sono anche contento che hai deciso di farlo doppiare da indies4indies, sarebbe bello se mi contattassero per dare una mano!
    Stra-complimenti, amo le avventure grafiche! Seguirò il progetto (ho letto l'intervista su!

  3. Looks promising...I want to see the interiors.
    Point and click never dies! (I'm working on one too...)

  4. Impressive screenshots.
    I can't wait to see more details, in-game footage would be appreciated.